Summer 2020 Tourism in Sardinia

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The 2020 season will be remembered by everyone as truly atypical. Throughout Italy, after the closure of the regions due to Covid-19, reopening was arranged in early June. Each region faces the tourist season and Sardinia has shown that it is ready and capable of welcoming summer 2020 tourism in complete safety.

The reopening of Sardinia after Covid

In early June, Sardinia also reopened its doors to tourists, ensuring daily connections by ship and plane to the island.

As with all regions, the reopening following the Coronavirus pandemic has been a matter of debate, but the island has shown a willingness for a quick reopening and ready to welcome tourists in complete safety.

To guarantee the safety of its guests, some beaches, only the most famous and typically crowded ones, will be regulated through reservations which will allow them to have controlled access of up to 1,500 people per day.

This limitation is provided exclusively for high traffic beaches, such as the famous Pelosa di Stintino beach (Sassari).

But Sardinia is an island that does not have problems of assembly, thanks to its long kilometers of coast bathed by crystal clear water and fine sand.

A truly accessible paradise where intimacy and privacy have always been a dominant feature (even before Covid).

Sardinia Tourism Summer 2020

All those looking for safe, isolated or intimate places to spend holidays immersed in unspoiled and heavenly nature find the best answer in Sardinia.

Sardinia has always been the right place for those who want to enjoy the sea in peace, avoiding the crowded beaches beaten by mass tourism.

The island allows you to discover intimate beaches and dream coves that will give you the feeling of living your holidays on a private beach (or almost). Not bad for this summer 2020 tourism.

On our beaches in Santa Teresa Gallura, for example, we do not have problems of gathering, we have very long and wonderful beaches capable of welcoming all tourists with maximum distancing.

The water is really crystal clear and diving into this refreshing paradise is just what it takes to leave stress and tension behind.

Safe holidays in Sardinia

Sardinia is therefore confirmed as one of the safest places to make beach holidays in this summer 2020.

Tourists are welcome on the island, for the protection and safety of all they will only have to fill in a registration form on the website of the Sardinia Region.

The registration form for tourists in Sardinia for the summer of 2020 is quickly completed online, indicating personal data and information on the place of stay or any planned travel.

Everything easy and everything safe. All it takes is one click to enjoy a private paradise.

For your 2020 holidays in Sardinia we are waiting for you at Mùita!

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