Sardinia with Dog in 2020

sardegna con cane 2020 a santa teresa gallura

Traveling with your four-legged friends is the best time of the year, when you can finally relax and enjoy their company. A holiday with our furry friend means lots of love, fun and being able to enjoy a natural location where even animals can feel comfortable. Let’s see what are the best places in Sardinia to live with in company of our dog in this summer 2020.

Sardinia with Dog: Useful Tips

Sardinia is a decidedly dog ​​friendly island as it offers an environment with an almost uncontaminated nature and large spaces.

Thanks to its large spaces, our four-legged friends will be able to enjoy unforgettable holidays, running happily on long almost deserted beaches.

Bringing the dog to Sardinia is quite easy as traveling with pets is allowed by most shipping companies.

Each company admits the transport of animals with specific rules that differ precisely on the basis of the company chosen. Once on board it will be necessary to use the leash (possibly also muzzle), provide for the well-being of the animal and any cleaning.

On board of some ships that make the journey from / to Sardinia it is even possible to book cabins with animal access. These cabins are by reservation and the number is limited so if you want to reach Sardinia with your dog, timeliness is recommended.

Before departure, it is advisable to check that you have all the health documents that attest to the vaccinations of the animal.

In Sardinia with the Dog in 2020: Here’s Where to Go

As we said all Sardinia has a decidedly dog friendly attitude.

Animals are welcome on the island and also its prosperous nature is ready to welcome them.

Going on holiday in Sardinia with the dog does not mean limitations but on the contrary it guarantees maximum fun for the dog and the owner. All in full lightheartedness and security.

In Santa Teresa Gallura, for example, there is one of the most beautiful dog beaches in Sardinia, the famous Lu Litarroni beach, just 10 km from the town center.

This beach is a true paradise for dogs and humans: an expanse of fine golden sand bathed by water so crystal clear that it evokes Caribbean transparencies.

In addition, all the beaches of Sardinia, even if they are not marked as dog beach, are open to dogs every day from 20:00 until 8:00 the following morning.

Beaches for dogs Sardinia and beyond

Living Sardinia with your dog does not only mean dog friendly beaches but also the possibility of reaching those secluded coves which, because of their less easy accessibility, are not very popular.

These coves are numerous and scattered along the beautiful coast of Sardinia, allowing you to experience a private paradise.

In Santa Teresa Gallura, for example, the cove of Poltu Zino is ideal for a dip in the company of your dog, it is isolated and breathtakingly beautiful.

We are waiting for you for your Dog Friendly Holidays in Sardinia

If you are planning your 2020 holidays in Sardinia in the company of your dog, we are waiting for you at Mùita di Mari, where animals are welcome!

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