Sardinia by bike: All you need to know

Sardinia by bike

Visiting Sardinia by bike is one of those experiences that is not easily forgotten.
Discovering this fascinating island on two wheels allows you to fully enjoy its beauty, move slowly in its nature and get in touch with local people.
Nothing better for a stress-free and sporting holiday.

Sardinia by Bike: Routes and Tips

Visiting Sardinia by bike is one of the best ways to really discover it. This incredible island offers low traffic roads that cross Sardinia in its interior or coast the sea offering a truly breathtaking view.

You can cycle for hours immersed in the typical nature of the island, going through suggestive scenarios such as pink granite shaped by the wind. A succession of ups and downs will lead you to truly magical places making the cycling experience in Sardinia incredibly unique.

Cycling in Sardinia is an increasingly practiced sport as it can be done safely and allows you to immerse yourself in the wild beauty of the island.

The itineraries of the island to be covered by bike are many, and all well marked.
On the Sardinia Bike Portal you can discover in detail the best bike routes in Sardinia, where you can discover the 46 cycle routes for a total of 2,200 km all to ride.

The cycle paths of the island and the various itineraries also allow you to discover not only its beautiful nature but also the towns and various municipal areas. The entire network of cycle routes in Sardinia passes through 256 inhabited centers, leading you to discover local traditions.

Clearly like every trip, also that of discovering Sardinia by bike must be well planned, precisely to avoid inconveniences during the tour of the island.

To better enjoy your bike trip in Sardinia we recommend you:

  • carefully plan the various stages;
  • download and print the route maps;
  • carefully evaluate the level of difficulty of the stages;
  • always travel with a good supply of water.

Bike tour of Sardinia

The bike tour of Sardinia will lead you to discover this incredible land, with its Mediterranean scents, abandoned mines and caves in the rock. And then a truly spectacular sea, with its wild coast, beaches that look like lunar landscapes, majestic cliffs and crystal clear water.
The bike tour of Sardinia can be done with mountain bikes, racing bikes, trekking bikes or electric bicycle.

Although the island does not have particularly demanding heights (the highest peak on the island is Punta La Marmora, 1834 m) the use of an electric bicycle can be really helpful for those who cannot count on a solid workout.

The bike tour of Sardinia will allow you to cross 2 national parks, 2 UNESCO sites and 3 villages of excellence, pedaling in unique landscapes and truly suggestive stretches such as the old route of the disused railway of the former Sardinian complementary railways, which crossed the territory from Chilivani (in the municipality of Ozieri) to the Tirso station (in the municipality of Illorai).

Are you ready to bike? We look forward to seeing you at Mùita di Mari Hotel

Here at Muita di Mari we have always welcomed cyclists who are involved in cycling around Sardinia.
For the convenience of our guests on two wheels, we have a large private covered video surveillance garage for bikes, motorbikes and light vehicles. From inside the park, you can easily reach the various floors of the hotel by lift.

If you are also organizing a tour of Sardinia by bike, we are waiting for you at Mùita di Mari!

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