"Un cantu anticu curria illu entu...
era Mùita di Mari"

An ancient song ran in the wind... it was Mùita di Mari

The Name chosen for our structure evokes the noise and movement of the sea typical of windy days in Gallura. The Name was inspired by the work of Andrea Quiliquini, who bequeathed to his countrymen, in addition to his precious life teachings, a collection of poems in which Mùita is the dialectal term that describes the sound of the sea in its incessant movement. A DIVINITY whose ancient song has always accompanied this wonderful land. Here we have grown up and here we have chosen to stay in order to live within this corner of paradise again and again...

Hotel Mùita di Mari

Mùita di Mari

The hotel Mùita di Mari enjoys an excellent strategic position, it is in fact just a few steps from the heart of the town, from the embarkation point for Corsica and from the bus station for the ports and airports of northern Sardinia and the beautiful beaches of Santa Teresa Gallura. The Hotel has 10 rooms in the double, twin and third bed versions and a garage accessible to light vehicles. Direct access to the floors is allowed both from the internal staircase and the lift. All rooms have soundproofed windows and walls to ensure guests rest and relaxation, fan coils for cooling-heating-humidification of the environment, Wi-Fi connection, TV and minibar. The hotel also has a room for the reception of disabled people with a large covered veranda for exclusive use. The bathrooms are all equipped with washbasin, toilet, bidet, shower with glass box, hairdryer and courtesy kit. All rooms have a balcony or veranda. On the first and second floor there are two large common areas where you can comfortably work on your PC, read a good book or use the free internet connection.


Our breakfast

Breakfast is the most important part of the day, in the morning as soon as you wake up you cannot miss those little attentions that make you feel at home and give you the right sprint to face wonderful days. That's why we love to prepare cakes, muffins and omelets for YOU with our hands. Breakfast is served in the outer rooms of the restaurant located on the ground floor, from 8:00 to 10:15. Our staff will welcome you at your table with our products: croissants, biscuits, fresh fruit, yogurt, cold cuts and cheese, eggs, fresh bread, hot drinks and fruit juices. You can make the BIS of hot drinks, just ask the staff and you will be satisfied with pleasure. 


Pets welcome

The Mùita di Mari welcomes with pleasure on request animals of all kinds as long as they are of medium/small size and well behaved. A few meters from the structure there is a special area to make them do their needs. We will then give you all the information about the beaches with free access for the animals and the operators in the area who take care of their well-being: shops, dog walkers. Unfortunately in the areas of the restaurant is not allowed their access and for larger and more demanding animals may be required a small supplement.


Garage bikes and motorbikes

Do you travel by bike or motorbike? For the comfort of guests there is a large private covered video surveillance garage for bikes, motorbikes and light vehicles. From inside the parking lot it is possible to reach the various floors with a lift.



Green Hotel

The particular attention to the environment and natural resources is a choice that we have been carrying out successfully for many years because we are deeply convinced that small attentions are enough to preserve the beauty and health of our territory. The hotel has been built according to energy efficiency regulations, using the latest generation of materials.


Your Green holidays
in Santa Teresa Gallura

Green installations

To reduce water and energy consumption, we have installed a 15 kw photovoltaic system and a solar thermal system for water heating. We use flow accelerators for showers, taps and dispensers and where possible we prefer energy-saving lamps. We have installed an efficient air-water exchange system that allows the heating or cooling of each chamber using innovative MADE IN ITALY machines of certified quality All the windows and doors are thermale break and the walls are insulated with KNAUF Aquapanel materials.


healthier chemical-free foods

We choose healthier, chemical-free foods (pesticides and fungicides). We prefer fruit and vegetables grown organically or in any case with low environmental impact methods, whose origin we know. We are proud to offer in season (when nature allows it) , plums, apricots and grapes produced in our areas.

Locally produced food

The awareness of the urgency of an immediate reduction of the environmental impact deeply affects our work in all its aspects, for this reason we prefer the use of local and fresh products.

Noiseless hotel

To contain or reduce noise, we have installed soundproof walls in rooms where soundproofing is possible, as are doors and all windows. In any case the Mùita di Mari is located in an area of the village that enjoys a certain tranquillity, outside the chaos of the historic centre, although it can be reached in 5 minutes on foot.

Less waste

In order to produce less waste, we participate in separate waste collection and recycling programmes, we use returnable vacuums for drinks and non-polluting detergents. To minimise waste, we prefer glass packaging and reusable materials.

Help us to improve

We try to make our staff and guests aware of a more sustainable way of life. This is why we value the opinions of our guests who are our best advisors. We invite them to carefully fill in the questionnaires and provide us with all the information they consider most appropriate to enable us to continue successfully on the path of environmental protection.

scored 9.4 out of 10 points "Booking.com Awards 2020"

"We are pleased to have received, again this year, an important award such as the Booking Awards 2020. For us it is a great honour and, at the same time, it represents a quality certification for our Hotel and for our commitment. Our goal is, and always will be, full customer satisfaction".


Ristorante Pizzeria Mùita di Mari

Ristorante Pizzeria
Mùita di Mari

The restaurant pizzeria Mùita in Mari offers an a la carte menu, where you can choose between sea and land dishes prepared on the basis of traditional recipes. They prefer local and fresh products, which are often combined with exotic products such as turmeric, ginger, avocado, mango, etc.. Our dishes in their simplicity are able to give unique and intense sensations. To give further quality and value to the cuisine of Mùita di Mari is our PIZZA, prepared with care and passion through the use of natural leavening techniques and excellent raw materials, all to guarantee an excellent product of proven success.




MENU 08 ottobre 21



Local Dishes

In order to enhance local traditions and specialties, we propose dishes in which innovation and tradition meet in a harmonious marriage thanks to the use of quality raw materials, often Km0, elaborated with criteria based on the simplicity of traditional recipes. 


long-leavening pizza

We propose a genuine, . The dough of our pizza rises from a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of 96 hours. For the toppings we choose high quality foods, favouring local ones.


Healthier Foods

We choose healthier, chemical-free foods (pesticides and fungicides). We prefer fruit and vegetables grown organically or in any case with low environmental impact methods, whose origin we know. When mother nature allows it we can use local fruits and vegetables such as aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes and grapes. 

Mùita di Mari

"We like to think that at Mari's Mùita anyone can feel at home."

The Mùita di Mari Hotel Restaurant Pizzeria has as its main connotation the management of the Manuedda family. Each member of our family provides an indispensable and continuous contribution. The Mùita was born from the common desire to create a place that could offer friendliness, hospitality and tranquility, respecting the sacred principle of Sardinian hospitality.

It is situated in a strategic position just a few steps from the centre, the boarding point for Corsica and the bus station. Simple, welcoming and bright, it offers pleasant and relaxing holidays. Guests are welcomed into our family and accompanied step by step during their stay and their culinary experiences. Here at Mùita every aspect is taken care of so that we can achieve full customer satisfaction, trying day after day to build an atmosphere of respect that involves everyone: customers, staff, property.


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Mùita di Mari
Ristorante Pizzeria

Mùita di Mari

Mùita di Mari

Mùita di Mari
Ristorante Pizzeria


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