Our Story

On 18 April 2014 the Mùita di Mari, a new tourist accommodation facility with bar, was born in Santa Teresa Gallura. Initially the restaurant was a distant reality. Although our experience was mainly related to the building business, we had long since made the decision to do something else and to face with determination a new journey, which although difficult we were sure would give us over time satisfaction and good results. After the first years of hard work and attempts aimed at continuous improvement, the Mùita di Mari Hotel Ristorante Pizzeria becomes a reality appreciated by many for its hospitality, genuineness and simplicity. Over time we have managed to structure a close-knit, motivated and well cohesive staff. The Mùita is simply WE! It is ours and your home. Day after day we work with commitment to grow professionally and humanely. We welcome our guests always in a warm way, seeking with them the right feeling that can lead to a maximum understanding of their needs. Often in this sector we have the pleasure to meet the beauty of people and it is in those moments that we find the maximum motivation to do our best.

We introduce ourselves

In life, whatever road you've traveled, working hard and often without any gratification, leads to a point of growth where you suddenly know what you want, recognize your talents and follow that creative current that makes you feel present and proud of yourself. Each of us has found inspiration and motivation at the Mùita di Mari and carries on our work with the awareness that it is part of a common design whose aim is to provide the client with pleasant and satisfying sensations.


"Joining is the beginning, staying together is the process, working together is the success"  Henry Ford


Mauro Manuedda

Pizza chef

Born in 1975, after two years in mechanical engineering, he obtained a degree in business economics with the aim of following and supporting his father in construction work by covering the position of Site Manager. With the creation of Mùita di Mari, during the break from the construction work, he helps his sister in the management of the Tourist Structure and then takes the role of pizza chef. Passions: his Daughter Maria, food science, fitness, pizza.


Paola Manuedda


Born in 1979 in the sign of Aquarius. She graduated in economics. Eclectic, she has a strong sense of duty and a great capacity for adaptation. She manages Mari's Muita with love.

Passions: her animals and the desserts she personally prepares for the restaurant.

Our Values

We believe deeply in HOSPITALITY, COMMITMENT, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, CENTRALITY OF PERSON and CREATIVITY. These values allow us to clearly define the path we want to follow and we know that in order to be able to implement them it is fundamental to maintain a HEART-MINDFUL-SPIRITIVE balance. Our MISSION is to leave you with an indelible memory of pleasure, making your stay unforgettable and serving your tables with unique flavours. We look forward to having you among us!



In the most difficult moments, when our project seemed impossible, we listened to our heart and pushed it over the obstacles and what seemed impossible. That is why we are convinced that the only way to do a great job is to always put the strength that comes from the heart.


"Beauty is not a quality of things themselves: it exists only in the mind that contemplates them and every mind perceives a different beauty" cit. DAVID HUME


A great inner strength has allowed us to reach here, a positive spirit can lead anyone where you want, that's why we never forget to listen to our instinct "INN SAEI".

Keep in touch

If you are interested in staying in our Hotel or eating in our restaurant and need information, please send us a message in the way we propose you prefer. You can use the contact forms on the site, you can send us an email, you can send us a message on Facebook, you can call us directly at the numbers indicated, YOU CAN COME DIRECTLY TO US!!!

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Mùita di Mari

Mùita di Mari
Ristorante Pizzeria

Mùita di Mari
Ristorante Pizzeria

Mùita di Mari

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