We Lungunesi know it well, we were lucky enough to be born in a magical place. Here sensations, smells, tastes and colours belong to another World to another Truth, told in books and words but that only presence can really explain.

Walking along the many paths, traced in the Mediterranean maquis of our territory by the wind and wildlife, you can enjoy unique sensory experiences. The scent of myrtle, cistus, lentisk, laurel, strawberry tree, accompanies us while our eyes are shown landscapes of extraordinary beauty. The rocks and plants shaped by the wind, in a total and perfect symbiosis, frame the sea.

Nothing is like before if you come to Sardinia, you know this is well known, but Santa Teresa Gallura in its extreme North has a further prerogative, collects in itself the extraordinary energy that is poured on the Mouths of Bonifacio, which with the wind and sea currents reigns incessantly on the coasts of the country, also forging the spirit of its inhabitants.

Although the destructive power of man has repeatedly offended and hurt our island, HERE in Santa Teresa Gallura you can still enjoy unspoilt landscapes. Our coasts offer a multitude of possibilities, from the world-famous and easily accessible beaches, Rena Bianca, Rena di Ponente and Levante, Cala Francese, Valle della luna (Cala di l’ea), La Licciola, Santa Reparata, La Marmorata, to those places that are still few in number because they can only be reached on foot, by boat or with 4×4 cars such as Batteria Ferrero, Cala Sambuco, La Balcaccia, La Colba.

Although the heat is preferred by visitors, Santa Teresa Gallura takes on its maximum charm when in winter the Mistral River torments the sea and the Mediterranean maquis, which is dressed in ancestral greenery. It is precisely now that you should visit the archaeological site of Lu Brandali, to imagine the hardening of that ancient people son of a magical land whose powers have remained unchanged over time.

The arrival of spring is always a long-awaited embrace, an incredible explosion of colors that never creates a predictable but hypnotic and captivating landscape. From now until autumn the sea will be welcoming, allowing kayaking, sup or boat trips. It will therefore be possible to visit the Spanish Tower, soaring above a breathtaking 180 degree viewpoint on the southern face of Corsica, only 10 nautical miles away from us, and learn about the history of our small village, characterized by its strategic position.

To seal an undeniable beauty there are finally 2 wonderful archipelagos, protected marine areas, reachable with only half an hour of navigation.

In conclusion I can well say that there is no exaggeration in the use of the term paradise on earth to describe our territory, because such is its beauty to make it unique and absolute of its kind. This is a land kissed by GOD, MOTHER impeccable of us all… and ANYONE feels the call of it.


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